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We understand that education is the great equalizer and if we are to be agents of change for a better future, for the health of our communities, we have to pour focus into the education in regards to these very things. This is where you will find the resources that can help do just that.

Our educational resources are a culmination of some of the brightest minds in wellness that include experts from around the world, as well as those in our very own backyard.

If you are on a journey of growth, seeking information that will empower you with the knowledge to take better care of your life, you will find loads of value right here.

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Universal Vitality is an online platform for customized and interactive educational guidance that is designed to meet you where you are, to provide you a bridge to where you want to be. We do this by learning exactly what you need and what you are looking for in order to tailor the information we send you.

This information comes in different levels depending on your desired level of engagement and interaction. These levels would be educational guidance through loads of free resources, challenges, DIY online programs, Group Coaching, 1-on-1 Consulting, and Niched Retreats.

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Health Talks Online a connection to improved health. Our educational and actionable expert talks have given individuals and families all over the world the information needed to pursue healthier lives.

To date we have produced over 100 health related events and reached over 10 million people worldwide. With the launch of our HealthMeans platform in 2017, we hope to reach many times more in the following years.

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Sounds True offers transformational education through books, audio-files, online courses, and programs. These resources are designed to help you live a more genuine, loving and meaningful life.

Get the resources you need for any experience level of growth to help you advance along the path of growth.

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FaithGateway is an online community for readers to discover great content and engage with their favorite Christian authors. FaithGateway brings together content in many different forms: daily blog posts, book excerpts, devotionals, free downloads, videos, giveaways, contests, author chats, and more.

The mission of FaithGateway is to help you grow and share your faith.

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We are currently culminating and vetting more high quality educational experiences for you to access that you can be sure you can trust!

Be sure to check back here soon for more amazing resources!