Get to know us.

We're a crew of like-minded individuals who just want to care for people the best way we know how, and who are all committed to making the world a better place.

We believe that the times we are living in now demand a big change.

A change in our medical system.
A change in our societal norms and conditioning.
A change in how we treat each other.
And a change in how we treat the planet.

We are agents of change whose mission is to inspire and empower others to live by love, holistically and sustainably, so that we can live in a world where our brothers and sisters, and our planet, are all healthy and happy.

Brett Gschwend, D.C.

Your Holistic Doctor

This is Dr. Brett. He is a holistic doctor with degrees in Chiropractic (D.C.), and Anatomy (B.S.), as well as in Health and Wellness (B.S.) But he hangs his hat on his advanced post graduate studies in functional neurology/neurological rehabilitation, psychoneuroimmunology, cognitive psychology, functional medicine/clinical nutrition, and bioenergetic medicine. Basically, the paragon of mind-body-spirit education.

He is the founder and clinic director of BioModern Health, a new model of integrative medicine that aims to rewrite the books on healthcare and holistic living. He is still currently serving patients from around the world, blending his understanding of the human mind, body, and energy to unlock their potential for true health and well-being

His blend of professional and personal studies, his unique clinical experience, and his charismatic attitude have provided him opportunities to be an authoritative speaker and teacher at events across the country.

Along with his humanitarian purpose for the greater good of a greener, more sustainable world, one of his missions is to provide as much possible value and healing to others in a way that inspires a love-centered mindset and true holistic-based lifestyles.

Ben Bernard, CPT

Your Movement Specialist

And this is Ben. He is an ACE certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and has a collegiate certification in Muscle Activation Techniques.

Ben has been a highly active individual his entire life from working on a farm to completing triathlons. With that has come injuries and various experiences with the medical system. He didn’t realize the lessons he was learning along the way that were setting the stage to have the motivation to help develop BioModern.

His life mission is to change one million lives and when Dr. Brett asked him to create something huge, he knew in his heart this was going to help achieve that goal and help him fulfill his purpose. Immediately he dove into learning the musculoskeletal system from a holistic, yet mechanical mindset.

Combining what Dr. Brett and Ben do together at BioModern, a big impact has been realized on patient outcomes Their combined experiences allow them the empathy to connect with patients and their knowledge helps get results. Ben is thankful for every struggle that he has been through personally and professionally because he has gained wisdom that can only come from truly experiencing.

Shelby Harris, B.S. Nutrition

Your Member Advocate

Meet Shelby! She is pursuing a career in holistic nutrition and has found a passion for helping others after suffering with her own health challenges. Through an integrative approach, which she put the pieces together for on her own, seeking out the best practitioners in multiple areas of health care, she finally discovered the answers, and found the relief she was seeking.

This journey of pursuing better well-being for herself put her on the path of being a part of a model that integrates care the way she has seen work, for her and now for multiple others. This is what brought her to be a part of the growing model of BioModern.

She serves as the advocate, FOR YOU. She ensures that once you come in to the BioModern world, you are well taken care of. She is the communicator between you and the rest of the team, the glue that holds the puzzle together, and some would even say the PB&J in the PB&J. ;)

Shannon Cramer

Your Billing Specialist

Here's Shannon. She is the numbers guru. She is the one in the background that you may never meet, but is working diligently to guide us on how to operate a model that allows you to get the most personalized care available, at the most cost effective rate, and we still be able to grow and evolve.

She is the one who is helping us model how to incorporate an insurance model into a non-insurance world. See most of the time, using insurance and getting the most quality care doesn't go together. For us... it's about you, so we are committed to making this work and Shannon is the one who helps this happen!

Our Practitioner Collabs

At BioModern Health, we operate a cooperative with other health and wellness practitioners and businesses under one roof and through our online platform to provide a truly integrative and collaborative approach to helping you take care of your mind, body, and spirit.

These are some of our partners who work with us to bring you the very best services and opportunities to expand your efforts towards true well-being.

däZEN COLLECTIVE is a tribe of wellness warriors who are committed to influencing positive change & radical transformation for the health of our communities.

Their facilitators create opportunities for wellness services, events, & retreats that provide safe spaces, healing, self-expression, creativity, and life transforming experiences. Created on the foundation of holistic health and integrating different modalities & techniques such as Yoga, Integrative Nutrition, Health Coaching, breath work, sound healing, meditation, Ontological Coaching, and beyond.

At IntegratIV Hydration, our combination of medical knowledge and passion for wellness allows us to help clients reach optimal levels of health through our IV vitamin therapy infusions and injections. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect platform so you can feel and function your best while meeting the demands of our changing and busy lives.

We are board certified advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners) with combined medical experience of over 25 years. Much of our experience has been in the critical care aspect of healthcare. We have each practiced emergency medicine for the last 5 years. We are local women who have decided to put a modern twist on traditional IV therapy. Our medical experience and research gives us the ability to create infusions that are specialized to your needs. We can help you address hydration, recovery after exercise, flu and cold symptoms, jetlag, migraines,and much more. We are a concierge service and we can come to you in the comfort of your home, office, gym, or hotel.

Our Culture

Our culture is one that operates by the philosophy of humanitarianism, seeking to continuously evolve for the purpose of alleviating unnecessary suffering and improving the human condition.

We have an understanding that world change starts at the level of the individual. That the collective of individuals we call communities are where true change must happen first before mass change is ever realized.

We value knowledge and morality; this is our voice FOR the people.

To love one's self and the collective unity of life; this is our message TO the people.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi

Long story short...

We care about you and want to help you become healthy and happy, for life.

If we can do this for everyone in our community, our community can be an example of change for humanity.

Let's work together

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